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West Virginia Accident Injures Three, Results in Charges

What Happened; According to, a single-car accident in Martinsburg sent two passengers and the (at-fault) driver to the hospital; the driver was also charged with multiple offenses, such as reckless driving and driving on a revoked license. Police reportedly stopped the driver for erratic driving on a nearby highway, at which point the driver sped off in the car; a state policeman gave chase before the car eventually ran off the road, injuring the two passengers and the driver inside. The two injured passengers were taken along with the driver to a nearby hospital for treatment for their injuries.  

Here is the location of the accident:

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The West Virginia Injury Lawyer’s Perspective: From all accounts, the at-fault driver in this crash behaved extremely negligently; he evaded police officers while driving on a revoked license, resulting in a crash that injured his passengers. We know from experience that it’s very likely that his passengers have grounds to file a personal injury claim against him. If the passengers and the driver were friends, we know how it can make the whole process much more difficult; that’s why our personal injury attorneys have written an article explaining how to file a claim against a friend or family member.

Potentially Helpful Info: Whether or not you were in a car accident with a friend or a total stranger, there are certain things that it’s important to do directly after a car accident. Our West Virginia personal injury lawyers have written a list of six steps to take after a car accident; click here to look them over. For instance, after you have sought and received proper medical attention, it’s important to alert your insurance company immediately to the accident.

There are cases where the motorist who caused your accident is either uninsured or underinsured; in these instances, it’s important to know what to do. The personal injury attorneys at our W.Va law firm have published an article explaining how uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage works; you can read it here.

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