According to, a head-on car accident in Logan County, West Virginia (WV), left the driver of one car dead and his passenger severely injured. The crash, which occurred between a Chevy Impala and an SUV, happened on Route 10 south of Chapmanville; the driver of the Impala was reported to have tragically died on the scene, while his younger passenger had to be flown to a nearby hospital for treatment for his injuries. The driver of the SUV was not harmed. At the time of this posting, it was unclear who was responsible for the wreck.

Here is the location of the accident:

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Our deepest condolences are with the family of the deceased, along with the family of the injured passenger; a car wreck is a terrible and terrifying event that can change lives in an instant, a thing we have seen many times. The investigation of this tragic accident will reveal more, but for now—though nothing can replace a loved one—we know that a personal injury claim may be filed against one of the drivers’ insurance companies; if the driver of the SUV was at fault, then it may be that a wrongful death claim can be filed as well. 

Being in a car accident can be an incredibly scary experience, even if you’re not seriously injured. Because the event can be so traumatic, it’s important to know what to do directly after the accident. Having much experience dealing with car wrecks, our West Virginia personal injury attorneys have written an article explaining what to do after you’ve been injured in an accident; click here to read it.

 As well, if you’ve suffered the terrible loss of a loved one in a car accident, our sympathies are with you; we have seen many people who have to go through the painful process of the death of someone close. While grieving takes time, it may be necessary to investigate whether or not one has grounds to file a wrongful death claim. Our personal injury lawyers have written an article explaining the pertinent facts of a wrongful death claim; you can read it by following this link. (Our personal injury law firm also has a webpage that gives a broad overview of wrongful death claims; you can click this link to look it over.)

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