West Virginia Car Accident Survivors Fight for Highway Rumble Strips | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

In 2010, husband and wife Tex and Carol Lee were on their way to a picnic on West Virginia 51 in Jefferson County when an oncoming car on the two-lane highway crossed the double yellow centerline and slammed into their car head on.Tex was severely injured and spent the next year recovering and rehabilitating in a local nursing home. He has still not been able to return to his job, and his wife must care for him at home.

After the car accident, the Lees, along with friends, family members and colleagues began working to make the rural stretch of highway where the crash took place a safer area to drive. When researching the accident, they found that large numbers of serious car accidents involve rural two-lane highways and that there are a few simple safety measures that can help prevent these accidents. A popular and relatively inexpensive choice is a center rumble strip.

Tthe small community of Ranson has begun a letter-writing campaign to the West Virginia Department of Transportation asking for the installation of a center rumble strip along Middleway Pike, which the strecth of WV 51 between Inwood and Charles Town. The hope is that the strip would prevent accidents, minimize injuries, and save lives.

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