West Virginia Dirt Biker Sues CSX and Others for Injuries

A couple in West Virginia is suingCSX Transportation Inc., one other company, and two individuals for injuries sustained in a 2013 dirt bike accident. The accident occurred on their joint property that allegedly caused serious, debilitating injuries to the husband.

The couple also is suing Meadow Creek Coal Corp., and an unnamed couple, alleging all parties creating foreseeable dangers for motor biking on their property.

The lawsuit states that CSX, Meadow Creek Coal and the couple own properties that adjoin Oswald Road, where the accident occurred.

The lawsuit states that the man was riding his motorcycle on that road on June 5, 2013. As he went around a blind curve, he ran into an unmarked barrier across Oswald that was unavoidable. He crashed and sustained serious leg, knee, ankle and foot injuries.

The complaint maintains that the defendants knew the road was used for recreational cycling, and that they deliberately allowed the unmarked barrier to stay on the road. He is seeking compensatory and punitive damages.

Our personal injury law firm often works on complex litigation, such as the above unfortunate accident. Given the fact that two companies and two individuals are involved, this lawsuit will be exceedingly complex, involving many lawyers, as well as two companies with deep pockets. We hope that the couple has retained a highly experienced litigation attorney who will be able to get them the compensation that they deserve.

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