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West Virginia Jury Awards $3 Million in Crash Suit

An elderly man in West Virginia sued Ford Motor Company after his gas pedal got stuck, and caused him to crash his truck. The jury recently awarded him more than $3 million in damages.

According to the lawsuit documents, the man was driving his car on US 60 in West Virginia in November 2012, when the gas pedal stuck to the floor in his Ford Ranger truck. He drove over three curbs and through a car wash before he slammed into a brick wall. The man was in the hospital for at least 12 weeks, and his attorney says that he still suffers pain from the injuries.


Ford argued that the man hit the gas pedal by mistake and is considering an appeal.

Our personal injury law firm in Virginia has seen many defective and faulty product claims over the years. Sometimes people drive their cars and the brakes don’t work, or perhaps they use a step ladder in the garage and it collapses suddenly.

These may seem like random accidents, but the fact is that thousands of consumers are hurt or killed annually by all types of defective products.

If your loved one has been hurt or killed by a defective or dangerous product, it is a smart idea to talk to an experienced faulty product injury lawyer to see what the legal options are.

In some cases, the company that produced the product may have already known that the product was dangerous, but chose to do nothing due to cost concerns.

In the past, many defective products have actually been improved and/or pulled from the market due to defective product lawsuits. So, filing a civil lawsuit if you have been hurt by a dangerous or a defective product can not only help you to recover financial damages; it also can help society and prevent such accidents from recurring.

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