A West Virginia woman is suing two doctors, a medical office, and a hospital for wrongful death. The $500,000 wrongful death lawsuit states that the medical professionals were negligent when treating the woman’s husband for his heart disease.

In 2008, Virgil Brown went to the emergency room suffering from a heart attack. The two doctors who diagnosed and treated the man, Daniel Reese and Neal Gaither, agreed that he had suffered a heart attack and needed surgery to prevent another. Soon after, Brown underwent a heart surgery that involved a left-heart catheterization, a coronary angioplasty, and the insertion of a stent.

Four months later, Brown died of a massive heart attack.

According to the medical malpractice lawsuit filed by Gail Brown, Virgil’s wife, Reese did not properly diagnose his heart patient and should have followed through with more appropriate treatments. The wrongful death lawsuit also names Selma Medical Associates and Winchester Medical Center. Gail Brown argues that her husband was not fully informed of his condition or his treatment options.

Gail Brown is suing for medical expenses, loss of future wages, and the sorrow and anguish caused by her husband’s death.