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West Virginia Mother Sues GM for Son's Death

A Grafton, West Virginia woman is suing General Motors and two other companies for damages for the fatal injuries her son sustained in a fatal car accident in 2013.

The man was driving on US Route 119 when he was in a crash at an intersection. The mother maintains in the lawsuit that the driver’s side airbag in his Saturn sedan did not deploy and he died of his injuries.

The woman claims in the suit that the defective nature of the car and its safety systems was a direct cause of the fatal injuries her son had. The other two companies named in the lawsuit are AutoLive and TRW Vehicle Safety Systems.

Defective and faulty products often lead to serious injury and death. As we have seen in many personal injury cases, these incidents often are caused by faulty manufacturing. In fact, thousands of consumers are hurt or killed each year by many faulty and defective products.

In some of those cases, the company may have known from previous incidents that the product was unsafe or dangerous. Some product manufacturers even may fail to issue a recall or modify the defective product because of concerns about the costs. This matter is a critical question in defective product lawsuits, and the experienced product defect attorney will investigate the product and company through several research sources.


Product defect lawsuits actually serve a vital purpose: It is through the investigation and research of these cases by attorneys that defective and dangerous products are improved or withdrawn from the market.

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