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West Virginia Motorcyclist Dies in DUI-Related Crash

A man from Cabell County, West Virginia is being charged with DUI causing death in a fatal wreck involving a motorcyclist.

According to the county sheriff, a 46 year old man was pulling out of his driveway onto Route 2 into the path of a 25 year-old motorcyclist. The car driver said that he did not see the oncoming motorcycle.

The driver admitted to police that he had taken Xanex before driving, which may have affected his judgment.

The sheriff told the media that it is very important to not use drugs or drink before driving, and to be aware of more motorcycles on the road as the weather warms.

Alcohol and drugs are factors in fatal crashes far too often. Our Virginia personal injury law firm always strives to ensure that drivers that are drunk or on drugs are sued for the maximum damages in civil court.

Our record of large settlements in DUI cases shows how seriously we take the rights of the victims and their families. We recently settled a case for an undisclosed amount for a nine year-old child who suffered a brain injury in a drunk driver wreck. That case involved a drunk driver in her second DUI, and we were able to get her a structured settlement to be paid out on the child’s 18th-21st birthdays.

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