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Personal Injury Attorneys: Patient Neglect And Abuse Found in WV Nursing Home

Virginia nursing home abuse and neglect lawyersA man from Charleston, West Virginia has filed a lawsuit against Beverly Enterprises Inc., claiming that the company engaged in nursing home negligence that left his wife injured.  The man filed suit on behalf of his wife, Mrs. Morton.  She was a nursing home resident at one of Beverly Enterprise’s facilities for more than two years. Mr. Morton claims in his suit that the company failed to provide the necessary amount of fluids to Mrs. Morton to prevent dehydration. The nursing home operator is also accused of failing to come up with and implement a plan to prevent and treat her for her dehydration.

Beverly Enterprises is also accused of failing to provide necessary catheter and other personal hygiene care that would ordinarily be done to help prevent infections. Due to this negligence Mrs. Morton suffered painful urinary tract infections while under the care of Beverly nursing home staff.  Mr. Morton’s suit claims that as a direct result of the negligence of the nursing home and its staff, Mrs. Morton suffered bodily harmed, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, medical expenses and intense pain and suffering.

Catheters in nursing home settings are frequently used pieces of medical equipment. Sadly, catheter-related urinary tract infections commonly occur among older nursing home patients. Staff members who are overworked with more patients than they can properly care for often lack time to perform the necessary personal hygiene routines that are needed to avoid infections.

Though it can be costly to provide enough staff to properly care for patients, that’s the job nursing facilities are tasked with. In an effort to maximize profits too many nursing homes skimp on proper protocols, which are necessary to ensure harm does not occur to vulnerable patients.  It’s important that you understand your legal options in pursuing a civil claim for damages. To help with that, consider reading my firm’s free report on nursing home abuse and neglect, which contains a discussion of the steps you can take if you suspect a loved one has been abused by the staff at a Virginia nursing home.

If you’re worried about possible harm to an elderly loved one, take a moment and read through our library of attorneys’ answers to frequently asked questions about nursing home abuse and neglect. The answers to some commonly asked questions can help provide useful background knowledge about the process of filing such elder abuse cases.




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