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West Virginia Patient Sues for Medical Malpractice

A man from Huntington WV has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against Marshall University Board of Governors.

Court documents filed earlier in July state that the patient was admitted to Pleasant Valley Hospital on March 27, 2013, complaining of perirectal pain and a physical examination revealed a likely abscess. The man claims that he had a surgery that included incision, drainage and debridement of a complex ischial, rectal and perineal abscess with removal of necrotic tissue.

He then had another procedure done two days later that included incision and debridement of the ischial, rectal and perineal abscess and post-surgery, his wound was packed with four two-inch Kling gauze dressings.

Then, the man was transferred to another hospital due to swelling in the scrotum, and he was admitted under the care and service of Marshall Surgery.

He was discharged a few days later and had no signs of infection. But he later developed a lump under the scrotum and it was found that an entire roll of two inch Kling gauze had been left in the wound.

The man had to have several more surgeries, and undergo more expenses and pain. He is seeking an undisclosed sum of compensatory damages.

We often see as medical malpractice personal injury lawyers that medical errors are occurring in an alarming number of patients today. A recent study by Johns Hopkins University found that there are 4000 ‘never events’ each year in the US, which are surgeries that included huge errors, such as leaving sponges and gauze in a patient, or operating on the wrong limb.


When such egregious errors occur in a medical facility, the patient should seek the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney. The reason is that such errors lead to death or permanent injury in 40% of such cases. It is in the best interests of the patients and the public to punish the negligent health practitioners so that such errors are avoided at all costs.

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