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Tractor-Trailer Rear-Ends Another Truck in West Virginia

A tractor-trailer driver is okay despite losing control of his truck and rear-ending another trailer. According to, authorities say the accident occurred around 10 pm in Charleston, West Virginia, on July 7, 2011. Details are still emerging, but no fatalities were reported.

This incident could have ended much worse. Tractor trailer drivers frequently work long shifts, and when the evening hours set in, it can be difficult for some drivers to focus on the road. Though we don't know exactly why this accident occurred, it's safe to assume the late hour had something to do with it.

As Virginia personal injury lawyers, we have experience handling cases involving trucking accidents. In fact, we've researched the top five causes of truck accidents. Most often, truck accidents can be attributed to careless or inattentive driving. The second most common reason why the accidents occur?

Because the driver is drowsy or falls asleep at the wheel. Other reasons include driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and improper training of commercial motor carrier drivers.

If you've ever driven on a local interstate, you know how common these big rigs are to the area. You also probably know how sudden truck drivers seem to slam on their breaks or change lanes, seemingly without cause. As a layperson, it's hard to understand why professional truck drivers make the decisions they do. If you're involved in an accident with a tractor trailer, consider legal counsel immediately. You'll be glad to have a professional by your side when it comes to facing the truck's insurance company.


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