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West Virginia (WV) Tractor-Trailer Hauling Carnival Equipment Crashes

Tractor trailers haul things from coast to coast, including grain, furniture and carnival rides. These types of large loads can prove dangerous to other drivers, and even the tractor-trailer drivers themselves.

As a
West Virginia (WV) truck accident attorney, I know a fully loaded truck can weigh 80,000 pounds (40 tons), while the average car weighs 4,000 pounds. Basically, the impact of that much more weight when a tractor-trailer collides with a car will lead to significantly more damage done to the cars and car's occupants than to the truck driver. The incredible weight also makes the truck harder to maneuver and harder to stop. If a small vehicle pulls in front of a big trucks and then suddenly stops short, the truck may not be able to stop.

It was one such accident that recently occurred on I-77 in West Virginia (WV).
The accident sent one person to the hospital with injuries. Crashes that involve tractor-trailers can be more involved than a regular car accident. Commercial trucks are required to care large amounts of insurance coverage and meet higher safety standards than other vehicles. 

If you have been
hurt or injured in a truck accident, please take the time to read our free consumer guide: The Guide to Truck Crash Injuries: What To Do If Hurt in a Truck Wreck


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