Jeremy Evans filed a suit against a pipeline construction company after Mr. Evans was hit by a company vehicle and sustained serious injuries. Back in December of 2013, the employee of General Pipeline Construction Inc. struck Mr. Evans when the company driver veered left of the center line and collided with Mr. Evans’ vehicle.

Mr. Evans is seeking compensation for damages, medical costs, and interest. Compensatory damages through a personal injury claim compensate the victim for their injuries and losses. This can include the impact of the injuries on their health, physical pain, mental anguish, and medical expenses incurred or to be incurred in the future.

The defendant is very fortunate that Mr. Evans is alive. Another woman and her adult son were killed on the very same route when she veered over the center line and collided with an oncoming utility truck.

Crossing the center line significantly increased the chance of a fatal head-on collision. Even at slower speeds and on surface roads, it can have disastrous consequences.