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Western Carolina University Student Killed in Crash on Old Speedwell Road

A 21-year-old Western College University (WCU) college student lost her life in a car accident when the driver lost control and not only hit a tree, but went down an embankment as well.

According to ABC News 13, the wreck occurred on Old Speedwell Road in North Carolina (NC). The investigation is still ongoing and it has not been established what exactly caused the at-fault driver to lose control of his vehicle.

It’s so frustrating to read about innocent passengers who lose their lives due to, what appears to be, reckless driving.

The victim’s family should consider speaking with a wrongful death lawyer to discuss their legal options. If it turns out the driver was negligent, the family may be able to pursue damages through a civil claim. Our firm has written about the process a seriously injured passenger should go through in seeking damages against the at-fault driver. It is understandably uncomfortable, especially when the driver was a friend.

To learn more, take a look at this article which talks about the injury claim process. This article was written by an experienced injury attorney in North Carolina.


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