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Wet Road Causes NC Accident in Which Five Were Injured

Posted on Jul 27, 2011

A wet road appeared to be the cause of a July 25, 2011, car-pickup truck accident in Shelby, North Carolina (NC), that injured five people. According to, the driver of Mitsubishi Eclipse lost control of his car when it hydroplaned on South Dekalb Street and collided head on with a Chevy Trailblazer. Authorities said they would continue investigating the crash and expected to file charges.

As Carolina personal injury attorneys, my colleagues and I have experience handling cases like this, where accidents were caused by slick roads and difficult driving conditions. My thoughts are with all of the victims at what is surely a scary and confusing time for each of them.

With so many afternoon thunderstorms in the summer, we’ve all driven in stormy weather and worried about accidents. When roads are wet, they’re infinitely more dangerous, particularly when other drivers choose not to slow down. Experts believe many hydroplaning accidents can be prevented by driving below the posted speed limit. Always watch the road for standing or running water, but also watch the spray being produced by cars ahead of you. You’ll get a good indication of whether or not it’s safe to pass through larger puddles.

Remember, if you do start to hydroplane, don’t touch the brakes. Instead, remove your foot from the gas and let the car simply coast until the hydroplaning stops.


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