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What Legal Steps Can Parents Take When They Lose a Child to Negligence?

VA Child accident injury lawyerIn the natural order of things, parents are not meant to bury their children.  Yet sometimes, a parent’s worst nightmare can and does occur. Unlike illness, death by accident offers no warning, no time to prepare. There is no time to process everything, no time to say good-bye. When death occurs in this way, it’s often more damaging to those left behind; it’s as if the invisible cords that connect us to one another are abruptly and violently severed.

This was the case recently in Dinwiddie, VA when a six-year old child died in a car accident.  The driver ran off the road losing control.  The horrific crash ended when the vehicle struck a post, a culvert, and then flipped multiple times before coming to restThe driver was charged with reckless driving, failing to secure the child in a safety seat, and failing to wear a seatbelt.  Virginia State Police say so far this year, there have been 806 highway traffic fatalities, compared to 724 in 2016.

What legal steps can parents take when they lose a child through the negligence of another?   As Virginia wrongful death attorneys we know that when a family member is killed in a car accident because of a negligent driver, then the surviving family has legal rights and may be able to obtain money compensation through a wrongful death claim. 

Though it is often hard to think about the legal aspects of an accident after a child is killed, having some financial compensation can often help during such a time.  Compensation may alleviate some serious financial fears that often come with the death of a family member.

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