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What Passenger Rights Entail Single Vehicle Crashes?

On the evening of July 4th, a motorcycle crash occurred along Clarence Taylor Road, near Springfield, in West Virginia (WV). The operator was driving down the roadway in a 2013 Ural motorcycle with a passenger named Sarah Taylor in the sidecar.

According to police, the driver lost control of the vehicle and traveled off of an embankment. Ms. Taylor and the driver were ejected from the motorcycle. They subsequently landed on a rocky area off the bank of the South Branch River, sustaining serious injuries. An investigation of the accident is still underway, but it is believed that alcohol was a factor.

Both were transported to West Maryland Medical Center. The driver died from his injuries while receiving treatment. Ms. Taylor is still in the hospital fighting for her life.

Ms. Taylor, though presumably close with the driver, has the right to file a claim against the driver’s insurance company. It may be somewhat awkward or uncomfortable to contemplate legal action against a friend’s policy, but we stress to clients that this is why we have auto insurance in the first place. Shouldering the financial burden of a crash such as this, for fear of offending the at-fault party, is unnecessary and benefits neither the driver nor the passenger.  

This motorcycle crash is a tragic incident for what should have been a day of celebration and fun. We wish Ms. Taylor the best of luck in her recovery and that she is able to leave the hospital as soon as possible.

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