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Wheeling Hospital On Concussions: When In Doubt, Sit Them Out

This week Wheeling Hospital held a seminar on sport concussions – and what West Virginia coaches and parents can do to keep their players safe during youth sports.

During the seminar, the director of physical therapy at the hospital urged high schools to use the innovative IMPACT system to detect and monitor head injuries and brain injuries in high school students – but also noted that only a handful of high schools in West Virginia have taken advantage of the technology to help keep kids safe.

The seminar also stressed that children should not feel “macho” about their concussion and try to re-enter the game, as many of the most serious traumatic head injuries take place when a player who has suffered a concussion suffers another head injury in the near future. In addition, the seminar told parents to remember that even though football gets the most attention when it comes to head injuries, many other sports can involve concussions, including hockey, soccer, wrestling, baseball, and lacrosse.
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