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Who Pays if a Pedestrian Is Killed in a Hit-and-Run Accident by an Unknown Driver?

Pedestrian accident injuries and even deaths can occur anywhere from, the side of the road, in crosswalks, or even at  intersections.  Nearly half of all pedestrian accidents happen at night.  In Suffolk, Virginia (VA) a pedestrian accident turned fatal when the body of a 22-year-old Justin Wayne White on E. Pinner Street was found around 9:30 p.m.  The young man was found to be a victim of a hit-and-run but at this point that is all that is known.

As Virginia (VA) car accident attorneys, who have helped many people injured while crossing streets, we know his family is grieving and in pain.  They are probably also confused as to how to recover from the wrongful death of their loved one.  Pedestrians who have been injured in a hit-and-run accident have legal options even though the identity of the driver is unknown. Pedestrians can utilize their own uninsured / underinsured motorist coverage, which provides coverage for hit-and-run accidents.


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