Why Families Need Personal Injury Attorneys-Another Medical Error Horror Story | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

My partner, Rick Shapiro, posted an Injuryboard blog article on a very sad medical malpractice case that involved an 11 year old who has permanent brain injuries and other serious complications from hospital and doctor errors that occurred at Wake Forest, NC, and resulted in a 10 million dollar verdict for he and his family.
One excerpt from the full article:

One of the family’s medical expert orthopedic doctors testified that the stabilization halo screw had been turned about 36 one half turns too many, and evidence showed that it was likely that a medical resident under the supervision of a doctor, who had made the glaring mistake. The screw caused further bleeding inside the brain and a large hematoma, which cause the 11-year-old to have a stroke, seizures and initially to be unable to breathe or eat. The 11-year-old was later discharged from the hospital in diapers and a wheelchair.