Why "Wii" Care - Firm Donates Popular Gaming Device to Individuals Recovering from Injury

Thanks to the charitable donation from the law firm of Shapiro & Appleton, the patients recuperating at Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital are getting the chance to have fun while they heal. The firm donated a Nintendo Wii gaming systems to the hospital. The Wii was selected because of a new treatment technique known as "Wiihab."
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Wiihab makes use of the gaming system's unique, live motion play to offer patients a fun and less painful exercise routine. Within minutes of the firm's donation, 15 wheelchair bound patients were either playing the Wii systems or watching.

Rick Shapiro explains, "Our goal in this donation...is to help out facilities that might not have the funds in place to provide a Wii to their patients."

Shapiro & Appleton is a nationally recognized law firm based in Virginia Beach. The attorneys represent victims of serious accidents. They're involved in numerous charities including the Fallen Brother Fund. Each attorney donates a percentage of every railroad worker injury case settlement to the fund which provides monetary assistance to the family of any railroader killed on the job. Everyone at the firm hopes the Wii donation will ease the recovery of people in need, and help patients find enjoyment in an otherwise painful and difficult process.

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