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Why You Should File a Claim against a Friend or Family Member’s Insurance after a Car Accident

car, accident, accidents, injury lawyer, insurance, claim, family, friendYou've been involved in a serious car accident and were injured, but the driver is a good friend or family member. Definitely awkward, but not uncommon. In fact, it happens regularly. 60 percent of car accidents involve just one vehicle.

So what should you do? A tough question in this particular situation since you don't want to hurt your friendship or alienate a relative. The answer: file a claim.

Do not fret; filing a claim against a friend or family member's insurance is not the same thing as filing a claim against them. They are two separate entities.

If your friend/relative gets upset or asks you why you decided to pursue a claim, let them know it's not a personal attack. All you're doing is trying to recoup the necessary compensation to cover medical costs. You're not trying to send your friend or relative into the poor house, which is what many people worry about occurring if a claim is filed.

Once again, your friend/relative and their insurance company are not one in the same. They are separate entities and will be treated as such in the legal process.

Don't let the fear of damaging a relationship prevent you from obtaining the necessary financial compensation to cover medical bills for rehabilitation and treatment.



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