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Wilmington, NC Van-Bush Crash Defines ‘Distracted Driving’

Paying more attention to a phone than traffic caused a crash between a van and a commuter bus in Wilmington, North Carolina (NC), that sent nine people to the hospital with injuries. The wreck occurred on Carolina Beach Road during the afternoon of October 21, 2015.



According to WECT 6, a van driver caused the accident by attempting a right-hand turn while checking his cell phone. A photo of the crash scene posted to the television station's website shows the van crumpled against a rear corner of a WAVE transit bus, indicating either that the man behind the wheel of the van swung wide while turning or failed to allow the bus to clear the intersection.

All nine injured victims were aboard the bus at the time of the collision. Eight passengers and the bus driver required medical treatment.

Taking one's eyes and mind off the road for even a few seconds can make it impossible to recognize and respond to changing traffic conditions. With videos taken of drivers in real-world situations showing that checking a phone distracts people for nearly a half a minute on average, the dangers of turning while looking at a screen instead of through the windshield are obvious.

During 2013, distracted driving led to more than 49,000 accidents on North Carolina roads and highways. Some 140 people lost their lives in those wrecks, and almost another 27,640 indiiduals sustained injuries. The toll inattentive drivers take on their fellow motorists is simply far too high. The only solution is for everyone to set down and turn off their phones while behind the wheel. When they do not take those responsible actions and cause harm, they must be held accountable for paying victims' medical costs and other damages.


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