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Winston Salem/Forsyth County, North Carolina (NC) Boosting School Bus Safety

What Happened

Winston Salem and Forsyth County School officials are making an effort to boost the idea of school bus safety in the minds of students.

Earlier this year a 7-year-old was struck and seriously injured by a car while she attempted to get on her bus. A second accident in December killed an 11-year-old while he also tried to get on his bus near Kernersville , North Carolina (NC). There is no way to control passing vehicles but school officials feel the new approach will help enhance the idea of safety for students.


The school system will produce three videos on the topic of school bus safety, one for each level of education; elementary, middle school, and high school. Once produced the videos will shown to the students, and will continued to be shown again at the beginning of every semester starting next school year.

The North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

No parent wants to imagine the terrifying possibility that their child might be injured in a school bus accident. There are hundreds of thousands of school buses transporting children in the United States, traveling millions of miles each day, unfortunately accidents are inevitable. When your child has sustained injuries in a school bus accident, it's critical to be able to rely on legal representation. Contacting a reputable North Carolina (NC) personal injury attorney with expertise in handling bus accident cases is vital to producing a possible claim for damages.

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