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Winston-Salem, NC Man Killed When Car Crashes Through House

A Winston-Salem, North Carolina (NC), resident lost his life in the early morning hours of July 12, 2015, when an out-of-control car crashed through his house. The fatal fixed object collision occurred just after 2 am at the intersection of Oak Summit Road and Germanton Road.



The driver of the car also suffered injuries that required hospital treatment. News reports do not indicate why he ran off the road and continued driving until coming to stop inside the home. Given the time of the crash, investigators will have to consider whether he crossed the double yellow line on the pavement and entered the property because he was drunk or stoned. Another explanation could be that the driver was excessively fatigued and fell asleep at the wheel.

Such explanations would not constitute excuses. Drivers have legal and moral obligations to keep their cars on the road, within their lanes and under control at all times. When a driver does lose control -- even when experiencing a medical emergency or operating a vehicle with faulty equipment -- he or she bears responsibility when other people suffer disabling injuries or get killed. As this sad incident in Winston-Salem shows, not even the expanse of a yard and the walls of a house can afford adequate protection against a car with a driver who cannot sufficiently control his or vehicle.


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