Woman Dies after Being Hit by Dominion Virginia Power Truck in Norfolk | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A woman was enjoying a walk near Wards Corner when she decided to cross Little Creek Road close to Granby Street in Norfolk, Virginia (VA). The details of what happened next aren’t clear, but we do know she was hit by a Dominion Virginia Power pick-up truck and died as a result, according to The Virginian Pilot. The truck driver was not injured.  

My condolences go out to the woman’s friends and family.

As mentioned earlier, the details have yet to come to light, but this tragic accident highlights an important subject our injury firm has written extensively about – the dangers of crossing the street and pedestrian street crossing laws.

We know the accident happened at 7:30pm, so it was definitely dark outside. However, Little Creek Road is near the Midtown Shopping Center so there should have been ample street light (though, many street lights are known to burn out regularly). Regardless, this accident should remind all of us (pedestrians out for a stroll and drivers) to be cognizant on public roads.

If you’re a pedestrian, look both ways and always play it safe when crossing a street. If you’re a driver, be vigilant, especially in a residential neighborhood or a road near a high foot traffic area.

Also keep in mind drivers must yield to pedestrians in a defined crosswalk, and normally must yield to a pedestrian crossing near the intersection if there is no defined crosswalk.

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