Woman Dies After Getting Run Off Road by Hit-and-Run Driver

A three-vehicle wreck in York County, Virginia (VA), on the night of March 13, 2017, left one woman dead, an innocent driver injured and a man under arrest for fleeing the scene of the crash on foot. The fatal hit-and-run collision happened on Denbigh Boulevard near the interchange with U.S. 17/George Washington Memorial Highway.



The at-fault driver of a Chrysler 300 sedan swerved across the double yellow lines and sideswiped a Ford Ranger pickup truck and a Lincoln Town Car. The impacts sent the pickup into a ditch and sent the Lincoln spinning into the path of oncoming traffic.

The 81-year-old woman in the pickup died from her injuries after being taken to a hospital. Information on the severity of the injuries suffered by the person driving the Lincoln was not reported. Analyses of National Automotive Sampling System and Crashworthiness Data System data compiled by the National Highway Transportation Administration indicate that drivers or passenger sitting on the side of a vehicle struck by another car were most likely to suffer injuries to their chest, abdomens, heads, faces, hips, legs and spine.

The Chrysler's driver ran away before police and EMTs arrived. Investigators determined that the car was a rental and used paperwork to identify the likely driver. He was tracked down on the morning of March 14 at a hospital, where he was receiving treatment for serious injuries.

Police have charged the man with felony hit and run and involuntary manslaughter. Regardless of how the criminal prosecution proceeds, the injured Lincoln driver and the family of the pickup driver should have strong grounds for filing personal injury and wrongful death insurance claims. Crossing a set of double yellow lines is against the law in Virginia, with limited exceptions such as making a left turn.


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