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Victim Dies from Injuries Sustained in Portsmouth Car Crash Five Months Ago

Last summer, 68-year-old Joan Davis was severely injured when the car she was driving was slammed into by a teenager trying to escape a police pursuit. And despite months of suffering and trying to fight back from those injuries, she lost that battle Monday when her weakened body finally gave out and she died of a heart attack.

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The Crash

On August 26th, the victim was driving close to the intersection of Lincoln Street and Chestnut Street in Portsmouth when her vehicle was suddenly T-boned by a teen driver who had run a stop sign. A police officer in the area saw the teen run the stop sign and was attempting to pull him over when the teen slammed his Toyota Camry into the victim’s Ford Focus. The Toyota flipped over and crashed into a utility pole, with such force it cracked the pole. The victim had to be removed via the backseat of her car and witnesses to the crash said she was not moving.

The teen driver and a passenger ran from the scene of the crash but were eventually caught. Although the driver was originally charged by police for the deadly crash, those charges were dropped on a technicality and he was never prosecuted.

Severe Injuries

The force of the crash had been so great, the victim’s brain was shaken inside her head, similar to shaken baby syndrome. Her family says she never recovered, spending the past five months at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. Last week, she was transferred to Sentara Nursing Center in order to begin rehabilitation. But just six days following that transfer, she suffered a heart attack and died.

The victim’s family, including her 91-year-old mother, is devastated. They say it was heartbreaking to watch their daughter, sister, and aunt suffer through the last five months, only to have it end so tragically. Knowing the driver responsible for their loved one’s death has never faced any responsibility for the crash makes it even worse.

Wrongful Death Action

Our condolences go out to Ms. Davis’s family. Although the driver responsible for the crash did not have to answer criminally,( the family can )Virginia wrongful death attorney to find out what legal recourse they may have to bring a civil action against the driver.

Our Va. car accident attorneys understand that nothing ever makes up for the loss of a loved one, however, in these terrible wrongful death cases, families, such as this victim’s family, are often left with unexpected funeral and burial expenses, as well as the overwhelming medical and other financial bills resulting from a crash caused by another driver’s negligence

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