A woman died after being struck by a car in Hampton, Virginia (VA). The Virginian-Pilot reported that the woman was hit by a 2008 chevy Cobalt after falling into N. King Street around 4:41 am. Police responded to the scene, where the woman was pronounced dead.

Our thoughts are with victim’s family. This kind of senseless accident is always difficult to cope with. As a car accident attorney, I’ve seen far too many pedestrians hit by drivers who are distracted or careless.

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Drivers out in the earliest morning often don’t give pedestrians the attention they need. If you’re a morning pedestrian, try to wear clothing made from reflective materials to highlight your presence on the road. Follow traffic signals just like you would if driving and cross at corners and marked crosswalks. Watch out for drivers turning right on red, who may not expect pedestrians in the roadway.

To learn more about Virginia’s pedestrian laws, read this article.