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Woman Run Over by Semi in Hampton, VA Store Parking Lot

A pedestrian accident in a parking lot off Coliseum Drive in Hampton, Virginia (VA), badly injured a senior citizen. The crash occurred at  Farm Fresh on July 25, 2014.



Exactly how the collision occurred was unclear, but a news team from WAVY-TV 10 was on the scene promoting a collection of school supplies for needy children. Video shot shortly after the accident shows a spilled bag of groceries and a crushed walker that had been being used by the 69-year-old victim. Reports from the hospital indicated that the injuries suffered by the woman were not life-threatening.

Some serious breakdown in basic safety precautions must have occurred to allow this incident to happen. Poor eyesight or hearing may have prevented the woman from noticing that the semi was backing up to the grocery store's loading dock. Perhaps the truck driver failed to check all his mirrors or to ask another person to ensure the path behind his rig was clear. Maybe safety equipment on the trailer or cab was missing or not in proper working order. Had the store done enough to keep pedestrians and delivery vehicles separated and visible to each other?

Only a completed police investigation can determine these things.

Regardless of why the collision occurred, the list of questions and concerns themselves show that the accident was very likely avoidable. As a Virginia personal injury lawyer whose firm has helped dozens of victims hit and hurt while walking across roads, through parking lots and down sidewalks, I know that drivers of all vehicles have high duties to ensure pedestrians' safety. I also know that people on foot must do what they can to stay out of vehicles' ways when possible, and that businesses must design and maintain parking lots and walkways in ways that discourage accidents.


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