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Would Keeping Virginia (VA) Speed Limits Lower Save Lives?

Cruising 55 mph in the left lane along stretches of Interstate 64 and 664 in Chesapeake, Hampton and Suffolk Virginia (VA) will be a thing of the past starting in March 2012 when the speed limit on parts of I-64 and I-664 will go to 60 mph from 55 mph.

The changes will affect:

- I-64 from Bowers Hill to the Virginia Beach/Chesapeake city line;
- I-64 from Hampton Roads Center Parkway to the Hampton Coliseum at I-664;
- I-664 from the Hampton Coliseum to Bowers Hill;
- The Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel.

As a Virginia (VA) car accident injury lawyer I know that states with higher speed limits have an increase in fatalities due to car or truck accidents.  Car accident statistics show that over the course of 10 years,12,500 people died across the United States due to an increase in the speed limit.  But no matter how high the speed limit it is still driver’s responsibility to drive a reasonable and safe speed according to road and weather conditions.  Most car accidents in Virginia (VA) can be traced back to driver inattention, DUI or driving to fast for the current conditions.  If you have been injured in a Virginia car accident and have legal questions, consult our free car accident guide.

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