What Happened:

A driver of a car turned into the wrong ramp on SC 22 in Horry County, South Carolina. The driver drove the wrong way on the highway and slammed into a tractor trailer. South Carolina State Police stated that the highway was very foggy at the time of the crash.

Both drivers went to the hospital with undisclosed injuries. The crash is under investigated.

Personal Injury Lawyer Perspective:

We hope that there were no serious injuries in this serious accident. This type of accident shows that it is important for all of us to use caution when visibility is poor on the roads. Slow down, use caution, and be certain that you are going the proper direction on the highway.

A personal injury lawyer in South Carolina could be helpful in determining if a civil lawsuit could be brought against the at fault driver. The other driver could benefit from financial restitution to cover pain and suffering and lost wages.

For More Information:

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