Wrong-Way Driver Badly Injures Innocent Woman on I-64

A head-on collision on I-64 through New Kent County, Virginia (VA), shortly before midnight on October 31, 2016, left the at-fault driver dead and an innocent woman seriously injured. Police told reporters that the at-fault driver was going east in the westbound lanes of the interstate before crashing into an SUV. Investigators also believe the wrong-way driver was impaired by alcohol.



Details on the nature and extent of the injuries suffered by the woman behind the wheel of the SUV were not disclosed to the public. She no doubt faces a long recovery, steep medical bills and at least a temporary period of disability during which she will not be able to work. Filing insurance claims against the at-fault driver definitely makes sense for her. She may also have the right to sue for punitive damages on the grounds that drinking and driving is reckless behavior subject to civil penalties.

When a driver who inflicts injuries while operating in a reckless fashion like being drunk and driving into oncoming traffic dies in the accident, his or her insurance policy remains in effect until all legitimate claims are settled. Insurance companies, however, can delay and block the claims process for any number of reasons, including by making the argument that collecting information and statements from their deceased policyholder has become impossible. Working with a caring and dedicated Virginia personal injury lawyer could help the woman cut through such obstruction and collect the compensation and damages she deserves.


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