A late-night head-on collision on the interstate through Louisa County, Virginia (VA), left two people badly injured and the at-fault wrong-way driver dead. The fatal wreck occurred shortly after midnight on June 11, 2015, near the westbound Zion Crossroads exit from I-64.



Investigators do not know why the deceased driver either went up the off ramp or crossed the highway median. Nor is it clear why the crash could not be avoided. Distracted driving, drug or alcohol use, falling asleep at the wheel and confusion brought on by becoming lost or suffering a medical emergency all exist as possible explanations for driving into oncoming traffic. Whatever happened, the consequences were severe for all the people involved. Among the lessons to learn from the tragedy are that all drivers must remain alert to road signs and their own physical state while entering a highway, especially at night when fatigue can prove as impairing as intoxication.

The individuals who survived the wreck may face months of difficult recovery, News reports did not contain details about their conditions, but traumatic brain injuries, back and neck injuries, broken bones, and internal injuries are frequently incurred in high-speed head-on collisions. Any auto insurance policy held by the at-fault driver will remain in effect until claims from the wreck are settled. However that process plays out, my Virginia person injury law firm colleagues and I wish the injured parties full and rapid returns to health.