A man who crossed the median of Hampton Roads Center Parkway in Newport News, Virginia (VA), shortly after evening rush hour on May 19, 2014, sent other vehicles off the road before sideswiping and seriously injuring a motorcycle rider. Police subsequently charged the at-fault driver with maiming while driving drunk, reckless driving, operating a motor vehicle without proper insurance and other violations.



The motorcyclist was the only person who required hospital treatment following the wrong-way DWI accident. He suffered a broken leg and other injuries, but medical personnel did not consider the man to be at risk for losing his life. A pickup driver who dodged the car traveling in the wrong lane crashed into trees by the side of the parkway.

The property damage and physical injuries caused by an apparently intoxicated driver illustrate how risky getting behind the wheel after drinking too much alcohol or consuming drugs irresponsibly can be. The wreck also shows how dangerous crossing into the path of oncoming traffic is. Last, the collision demonstrates how little protection motorcycle riders have when hit by a larger vehicle being operated by a negligent and reckless driver.

As Virginia personal injury attorneys who have helped many motorcyclists and other people who have fallen victim to drunk and drugged drivers, my colleagues and I know the difficulties the person hurt in this Newport News wreck will face while making a full recovery. Despite the at-fault driver’s lack of automobile insurance, holding him financially, as well as criminally, responsible is possible. We wish his victim all success in doing so.