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Wrong-Way, Possibly Drunk NC Driver Slams Into Car Full of Teen Girls

A beautiful dark haired 17 year-old girl smiles from the photograph attached to this news story.  Sadly there will be no more photographs because she was killed by a wrong-way and possibly drunk driver on Highway 64 in Spring Hope, North Carolina (NC), early Tuesday morning. 

Looking at her photograph is a stark reminder of just how precious and short life can be. It makes my blood boil to think that despite numerous warnings to drive safe and sober on the Fourth of July, the at-fault driver made a deadly and conscious choice to get behind the wheel of his car.  As a North Carolina car accident attorney and father, I know her death is a devastating loss to her parents and everyone who loved her. 

North Carolina troopers got the call about the wrong-way driver and raced to stop him, but it was too late. His
car crashed into a Chevrolet that was carrying three 17-year-old girls. The two girls in the front seat were injured badly from the accident and currently in critical condition. The third girl, who was in the back seat, was pronounced dead on the scene.

The parents of the young women are likely inconsoleable, and, as experienced car accident wrongful death attorneys, we stand ready to help any family whose child dies in a crash in which another driver is at fault. We will do everything we can through the legal system to make sure the at-fault driver or company pays for causing your child's death. The fact that this crash was caused by a drunk driver who was so blatantly impaired that he was driving on the wrong side of the highway makes it especially heinous.

I hope the other two young ladies in the crash recover fully, but they may not. They may be in excruciating pain, have permanent scars and need physical therapy for the rest of their lives. A head on collision like this is one of the most fatal types of accidents there is. It's hard to imagine the fear and pain they suffered, their young bodies tangled in mass of metal. That is just not something that you can walk away from and I imagine they will carry the repercussions of this accident with them the rest of their lives.  

This is the reason we do not defend drunk drivers, instead our law firm represents only those injured by drunk driving. Personal injury or survivors of people killed in car or truck accidents caused by drunk drivers in Virginia or the Carolinas.


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