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Wrongful Death: Driver Receives No Jail Time After Negligent Driving Kills Three Teens

A grieving family is angered that a teen driver received no jail time after he caused a fatal crash that killed three children.  Instead the teen was given a six month stay at a juvenile treatment center, driver license suspension and community service.  He had his driver’s license less than three months when he lost control of his grandmother’s car while driving more than 75 mph.  The car was packed full with friends headed for a summer swim.  The car flipped, hit a tree top first and split in half, instantly killing the three backseat passengers, two 15-year olds and a 17-year old and severely injuring his 16-year old front-seat passenger.

Anger, sadness, frustration.  These are the feelings that are evoked after a fatal car accident in which innocent people are killed at the hands of a negligent driver.  As Virginia (VA) wrongful death lawyers we know that when someone you love dies in a serious accident, it is never possible to fully replace the loss. However, our justice system tries to provide some semblance of justice through a wrongful death suit. A successful wrongful death case tries to make amends for the loss by awarding an amount of money that is "fair and just." It is virtually impossible to precisely calculate how much sorrow or mental anguish a survivor experiences. The facts of each case will influence the amount that is determined to be fair and just.

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