William E. Goode, Jr. of Norfolk, Virginia (VA) was driving on the northbound lane of Interstate 295 (I-295). It was 11:40pm, just 20 minutes away from the New Year. Unfortunately, Mr. Goode never got a chance to celebrate our foray into a new decade. He was hit and killed by a wrong-way driver, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch. He was just 51 years old.

My deepest sympathies go out to Mr. Goode’s friends and family. Losing a loved one is never easy, but to have them killed by an irresponsible driver during the holidays makes it even more tragic. Mr. Goode’s 8-year-old daughter was also in the vehicle. She is being treated for serious injuries at VCU medical center.

This horrendous car wreck comes on the heels of another fatal accident where a wrong-way driver killed a woman from Chesapeake, Virginia (VA) on Interstate 264 (I-264). I find these types of fatal accidents unacceptable. The at-fault drivers who cause such pain and suffering display an inordinate amount of irresponsibility and negligence.

My colleague, Rick Shapiro, wrote about some legal options that are available to the loved ones of victims  who died due to a wrong-way driver car crash and the serious risks associated with such reckless driving behavior.

The investigation hasn’t determined why the at-fault driver on I-295 was driving the wrong way, but given the fact it was New Year’s Eve, I wouldn’t be shocked if alcohol and/or prescription medication played a role. But again, we have to wait and see what the police report reveals.