WV Man Sues for Workplace Injuries

A man in Charleston West Virginia is suing Mullins Home Repair after he claims he was hurt on the job.

According to a media report, the man was working on a roof when it started to rain last September. The worker claims in the lawsuit that the firm did not bring safety harnesses to the job site. The company still demanded that he do the work on the roof, he claims.

The man then slipped on the metal roof and fell to the ground, suffering permanent injuries.

The worker also claims that during his time with the firm, the company did not provide training for how to safely work on roofs of buildings. The lawsuit also claims that the company forced him to work in hazardous conditions on a regular basis.

He is seeking compensatory damages with pre- and post-judgment interest.

Workers who are hurt on the job usually are eligible for worker’s compensation. However, in cases where the employer may have been negligent, the worker may opt to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the firm. You may not be able to also collect worker’s compensation benefits if you sue the company. If your injuries are severe, you may decide it is in your interest to sue the company for damages than to settle for worker’s compensation benefits.

Our personal injury law firm frequently works on workplace injury cases, and we are glad to see when companies are punished for not providing a safe environment for their employees.



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