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Multivehicle Accident Causes Injury, Traffic Jam in West Virginia

A typical morning commute ended in catastrophe on July 12, 2011, when an SUV, pickup truck and Jeep collided at the intersection of Route 25 and 41st Street in Kanawha County, West Virginia (VA), reported. The driver of the truck was injured and taken to the hospital. Authorities are still investigating what exactly caused the crash.

Though we'll have to wait for the accident report to fully understand what happened, multivehicle accidents are common, particularly during high-volume commute times, like in the morning or evening. When people are anxious to get to work on time, or to get off work and get home, they tend to rush judgment while driving. Often times, accidents can be simple chain reactions, particularly if traffic is heavy. If one car slams on their brakes, so does the car behind them, and so on. It's easy to see why so many multivehicle accidents can occur on the highway, especially if drivers aren't paying close attention.

Of course, with the more cars involved in a wreck, the more confusing postaccident insurance claims can get. With injuries frequently sustained and damage done to vehicles, insurance claims can take some time to sort out. As an injury lawyer with experience handling these types of car accident cases, I understand the steps drivers should take to file a claim with their insurance company and seek damages if they've sustained an injury.

Being involved in a multicar accident that involves a truck can be scary and confusing. We've assembled some answers to frequently asked questions by people who have experienced such crashes.


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