Young Man Not Wearing Helmet Killed in Motorbike Accident | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Terrence Hannah was enjoying a ride on his dirt bike in Florence County, South Carolina (SC) when, suddenly, a 2003 Dodge pick-up truck turned a corner and Terrence slammed into the passenger side door. Terrence was just 20 years old.

My deepest condolences go out to his friends and family. It’s always so tragic when a young person is taken from us too soon.

One of the primary factors leading to Terrence’s death was the fact he didn’t wear a helmet. As an injury lawyer who regularly represents people seriously hurt in accidents involving motor bikes, I cannot overstress the importance of wearing a helmet.

South Carolina (SC) law requires the use of a helmet if you’re under the age of 21. Even if you’re over the age of 21, you should wear a helmet. A helmet is the best protective gear you can wear while riding a motorbike, according to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. When you pick up the key to your bike, pick up the helmet. They go together. Helmet use is not a “cure-all” for motorcycle safety, but in a crash, a helmet is the best piece of protective material available.
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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that helmets reduce the likelihood of crash fatality by 37 percent. In addition, Norvell and Cummings found a 39 percent reduction in the risk of death when using a helmet.

Terrence Hannah’s death was terrible, but we should this tragedy as a reminder that using a helmet when operating a motorbike is extremely important.

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