What Happened

An accident involving a motorcyclist and a big rig resulted in the death of a local man from Newport News, Virginia (VA). A witness told police that the big rig was travelling from the northbound direction on Warwick Blvd and turned left onto Enterprise drive when the driver of the motorcycle came into contact with the rear end of the truck.

There is not enough information yet to determine if the big rig turned left in front of the motorcycle and cut him off or if he ran the red light. It may even be possible that the big rig had defective equipment and the motorcyclist was unable to see the big rig because his running
lights were out.


The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

Accidents involving big rigs are almost always serious, especially when a motorcyclist is involved. The sheer size difference between the two vehicles is unprecedented. The small size of the motorcycle causes a problem for inattentive truck drivers as a motorcycle can easily slip into the truck’s blind spots.

In this case the ability for a wrongful death claim is dependent on results of the police investigation, but it is beneficial for the family of the deceased to attain legal representation quickly to allow our attorneys to promptly survey and inspect the accident scene and the defendant’s vehicle. Hiring the best motorcycle accident lawyers in Virginia (VA) is the first step the family can take toward becoming whole again. Our experienced (Virginia) motorcycle injury firm has obtained millions of dollars in settlements for our clients. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of this young mot

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