Young Passenger Killed When Driver Loses Control in Stafford County, Virginia Car Accident

Can you remember what you were doing when you were 20-years-old?  For some of us it seems like a lifetime ago but for others it may have been a bit more recent.  Regardless of how old you are now, 20 is still young.  Think of all the things you did after your 20th birthday. Unfortunately for one young 20-year-old woman she will never see her 21st birthday and all the wonderful opportunities that life may have afforded her. 

That’s because a multi-vehicle crash in Stafford County, Virginia (VA) on Interstate 95 took the life of Dejonniza Q. White (ABC News 7) of the Bronx, NY.  Dejonniza was the passenger of a 20-year-old driver who lost control of his car causing it to cross a median before veering into the northbound lanes where it was hit by a Toyota sedan.

There is no word yet why the driver lost control of his vehicle but it’s safe to say he must have been distracted by something.  Police have already charged him with reckless driving in connection to the accident.  The family of the young woman will now be faced with the decision as to whether or not they want to consult with a Virginia personal injury lawyer about the legal ramifications of a distracted driving wrongful death claim.  We know that many at-fault drivers deeply regret their actions, but still must be held liable for compensatory damages.

Most families are very unfamiliar with the types of damages recoverable under state laws due to the 
sudden loss of life from wrongful death that results from negligent conduct.  This also includes negligent behavior from behind the wheel of a car.  Some families are hesitant to bring a claim when friends or family members are in a car together, but this is why we all collectively carry insurance policies--to protect us and step up and pay in difficult circumstances.


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