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$750,000 Settlement in Bowel Perforation Medical Malpractice Case


James Lewis, Attorney

Mark F., Attorney

Kevin Duffan, Attorney

What Happened

Our client was a 37-year-old individual with chronic pelvic pain. She went to see her doctor and it was determined that she needed a laparoscopic hysterectomy. After the procedure, it was determined that, during the procedure, our client's bowel was perforated. Our client suffered severe infection and required multiple abdominal "washouts" over the course of several weeks to try and repair the damage. Even after these procedures, our client required two additional surgeries to try and correct the damage from the initial hysterectomy. 

This was a very serious form of medical malpractice. If our client's injury had been left untreated, her injury may have become even worse or she may have even lost her life (unfortunately, serious bowel perforations are known to cause death).

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$750,000.00 Settlement