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$150,000 Obtained for Injured Motorcyclist in Virginia Beach

Case Description: Motorcyclist suffered a fractured pelvis and had to miss months from work when he was hit by a car in Virginia Beach

Firm Attorney: Emily Mapp Brannon

Court Locaion: Virginia Beach, VA

What Happened: The car wreck happened in the middle of an otherwise perfect day. The sun was out, and the weather was clear. My client had no idea he was about to be hit by a car that was traveling without regard for his safety. As a result of the wreck my, client suffered a pelvic fracture. He spent several days in a local hospital and was eventually released to his home, where he was required to stay on bed rest for approximately three months. During that time, he lost significant wages and his life was greatly impacted by his inability to participate in daily activities.

Luckily, my client had the good sense to call a law firm that handles many cases for injured motorcycle rders. We were able to successfully settle his case within one year. He was not required to go to court, and the settlement was extremely fair given the facts surrounding his case.

Outcome: $150,000 settlement