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$215,000 Settlement for Car Accident Victim Who Suffered Shoulder Injury

Case Description: A driver who suffered a hypoglycemic event rear-ended another vehicle, causing ashoulder injury to the victim

Firm Attorney: Emily Mapp Brannon

LocationVirginia Beach, VA

What HappenedOur client was involved in a rear-end car wreck
 in Virginia Beach, VA. The at-fault driver reportedly suffered a hypoglycemic event, passed out, and slammed into our client's car. As a result, our client suffered a serious shoulder injury.

Key Legal StrategyOur attorney subpoenaed the at-fault driver's medical records and DMV report. It turned out that the at-fault driver had a history of car accidents caused by his medical condition and that he was well aware he could suffer a hypoglycemic event while driving. 

Upon learning of this evidence, a settlement was reached for a $215,000. The funds helped our client with medical expenses, rehabilitation and the pain and suffering associated with a seriously injured shoulder.