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$2.3 Million Jury Verdict for Child Birth Injury (Shoulder Dystocia, Bracial Plexus Injury)

Attorneys: Jim Lewis, Emily Mapp Brannon
Paralegals: Denell,  Melissa

Norfolk, VA Circuit Court

What Happened:
Our firm represented a child who suffered
shoulder dystocia, a permanent arm injury during birth. The claim was brought against a nurse-midwife who assisted the child's mother at birth. A jury determined the nurse's negligent care was the cause of the child's arm injury.

The jury awarded the child  a $2.3 million verdict (recoveries for minors are normally managed until age 18 by a fiduciary for the child, usually one or both parents are the ficuciaries) and $60,000 was awarded separately, in addition to the 2.3 million verdict, to the mother for reimbursement of past medical expenses. Our law firm (and co-counsel at trial) fought hard to get as much compensation as possible since this child's life will be changed forever due to the injury. Just think, this child may never be able to play sports because of the negligent care provided at birth, but the recovery will help cover impairment/limitations and future medical expenses.

$2.3 Million

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