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$425,000 Settlement for Gallbladder Surgery Error Victim

WHAT HAPPENED: Our client was a 60 year-old gentleman in reasonably good health, except for his diabetic conditions. He was admitted to the hospital to have his right toe treated and while he was there, he developed symptoms of gallbladder disease. Tests revealed that he needed his gallbladder removed and he was operated on shortly thereafter.

The doctors who operated on him did not properly identify the structures leading to-and-from the gallbladder. After nearly seven hours of surgery, they concluded that they could not successfully perform the procedure. Shortly after the surgery was completed, tests were run which revealed that the surgeons had mistakenly cut the client's common bile duct resulting in bile leaking into the client's abdomen. The surgeons who botched the surgery promptly transported the client to a major teaching institution where his injuries were repaired through an elaborate re-working of the client's digestive system. 

KEY LEGAL STRATEGY: As soon as we were retained, the surgeon who performed the repair on the client's abdomen was consulted to make sure we had a clear understanding what mistakes had been made by the original surgeons. Thereafter, two very highly-qualified surgical experts were retained to testify that the original surgeons had committed malpractice. Their opinions could not be effectively attacked by the defense. A mediation was conducted that resulted in the insurance company paying the client for his injuries.


Jim Lewis, attorney