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$425,000 Settlement for Retained Surgical Sponge Injury

WHAT HAPPENED: Our client was admitted to the hospital for a hysterectomy, but the surgeons and staff completed the procedure leaving a surgical sponge inside her body (which was not discovered for a full six months). A first surgery was required to remove the sponge, but it was discovered that it had created a fistula in the plaintiff's bowel which required a subsequent bowel resection surgery.

KEY LEGAL STRATEGY: We retained an OB/GYN expert on the medical standards of care, a nurse expert on nursing standards of care, as well as a vascular surgeon who was involved in the corrective procedures. A combination of the knowledgeable medical experts and a series of graphic pictures caused the defendants (hospital and physician) to offer to settle approximately forty-five days before trial.

COURT/DATE: Richmond, VA (State Court) 2002


$425,000.00 Settlement