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$67,500.00 Recovered for Pedestrian Hit by Distracted Driver in Norfolk, VA

Case Description: Old Dominion University student hit and seriosly injured by driver leavig Dunkin' Donuts parking lot

Frim Attorney: Emily Mapp Brannon

Location: Norfolk, Virginia (VA)

What Happened: My client was a young Old Dominion University student minding his own business when he attempted to walk to the local Dunkin' Donuts from his apartment to get a cup of coffee before going to class to take a final exam. He was looking forward to heading home for the Christmas break between fall and sping semesters.

Anyone familiar with the area around the university in Norfolk, Virginia (VA), knows there are many restaurants on both sides of Hampton Boulevard that attract students all day. My client saw the defendant driver leaving the Dunkin' Donuts parking lot, and she acknowledged my client as he crossed the street. Almost immediately after that, the driver struck my client, throwing him into the air and causing him to lose consciousness. The driver fled the scene.

The next thing my client knew he was waking up in the hospital, not knowing what had happened.  He was told that he suffered an orbital fracture on the right side of his face, and treatment of that serious injury caused him to incur large medical bills and miss his final exams. Also, members of his family had to travel from out of town to be with him. 

Later on the morning of the pedestrian accident, the defendant showed up at a local car repair shop with questionable damage to her windshield.  Luckily, the maintenance technician was smart enough to call the police and report this. The police eventually charged the at-fault driver with causing a hit-and-run collision with injuries.

Key Legal Strategy: The insurance company tried to raise the issue of contributory negligence because my client was walking in an area without a crosswalk. My firm is familiar with all the tricks the insurance company has to try and minimize our client's case. After numerous discussions with the insurance company, the adjuster offered to settle the claim.

Outcome: The case settled for $67,500. This was a good result given my client's injuries and the nature of the accident.